Chicago Antiques Guide

Chicago Antiques Guide

What We're About...

Our goal at Chicago Antique Guide is to be your primary source for everything Antique in Chicago and the surrounding area. This includes answering your questions about your antiques, as well as providing comprehensive Directories of Upcoming Events, Antique Malls and Shops in the area as well as a Directory of Antique Resources.

Our Directories of Events, Antique Malls, Antique Shops and Antique Resources will take a while to build to the level that we hope will make them the most comprehensive available. If your Shop, Mall, Event, or Antique Resource is not listed, feel free to email us with all of the relevant information. Once we have verified the information and suitability, we will attempt to get you into one of our Directories as soon as possible.

Our goal is to become your complete guide to everything Antique in Chicagoland.

Answering Your Questions

We invite you send us questions about items you have. We will try to help you identify and value your item and provide as much information as time and space allows.

Send us a photo or photos of your item including any markings that you can find. Include as much information as you can, including size, condition (specify flaws, if any). The better your photos and descriptions are, the better our chances of identifying your item and providing accurate information. We will post answers to the most interesting items and attempt to answer as many of the others as possible.

We will of course strive to always provide accurate information. Values, however, will always be relative, and to some degree subjective. Even in Chicago the same item would sell for different amounts depending on the venue. Identical items would sell for different amounts at Wolff's Flea Market and a Northshore antique shop. Our valuations are certainly not intended for insurance appraisals.


Upcoming Events

The events page will include upcoming shows and auctions as well as special events such as appraisal fairs.

Antique Malls and Shops

We will separate Antique Malls and Antique Shops into different directories that will be grouped geographically.

Directory of Antique Resources

The Antique Resources Directory will include sources for Auction Houses, Reference Books and Services, Collector Clubs abd Societies, Repair and Restoration Services, and Antique related Supplies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whose behind Chicago Antiques Guide?

Chicago Antiques Guide was started by Brian Meyer and Ron Slattery. Ron has decided to take his show on the road (literally). So, at the end of 2005, Ron sold his interest in the site to Brian.

What makes you think you know so much?

We don't have to "know so much", we just have to know something you don't, or be willing and able to do the research. Brian has been buying, selling and valuing antiques since the late 1970's.