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Framed Harrison Fisher Postcards

Posted Thursday, August 04 by CAG

Ginny from Lincoln Park sent in this photo of a set of framed postcards, hanging at her grandmother's house. Her grandmother was going to give the "picture" to a woman who does some work for her. Ginny thought she should check it out first.

This is a very famous set of postcards called "Greatest Moments in a Girl's Life". The individual cards are titled: The Proposal, The Trousseau, The Wedding, The Honeymoon, The First Evening in Their Own Home, Their New Love. This certainly reflects the early 1900's feelings about "a woman's place..." Harrison Fisher was a very prolific and popular illustrator of the time. He is still highly collectible. He not only did postcards, but magazine ads and covers for the biggest magazines of the day (Ladies Home Journal, Good Housekeeping & Cosmopolitan), book illustrations, art prints and more. Individual cards can sell in the $15 range. This set unframed in the $60-$75 range and nicely framed such as this can usually be found for about $150 in local shops.

Now your grandmother can decide if she likes the woman $150 worth.

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