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Sewing Machine for a Midget

Posted Friday, August 05 by CAG

We were out doing an in-home appraisal today, and found a few interesting items to share with our readers. Here is the first.

Midget Sewing Machine

This is a great little miniature (hence the name Midget) sewing machine. You see these in shops and malls, described as a child's or toy sewing machine. I've had others tell me they were miniature sewing machines or saleman's samples. I don't believe they were salesman's samples. Most likely they were for children. I do know that they are collectible and sell well. They were made by many different companies. This one appears to be circa 1900. There is one just like this on Ebay right now, but it still has over 4 days to go. One by the same company, but slightly newer just sold on Ebay for $104 (it is in a little better condition). I'll try to remember to update this with the final price.

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