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Roseville Foxglove Vase

Posted Monday, August 22 by CAG

Connie found this in the back of a buffet, after her in-laws passed away. It is marked Roseville 165-5 on the bottom. She would like to know more about it.
Roseville Pottery was made from about 1892-1954. It is very popular with collectors and had a major run up in prices in the 1990's. Foxglove is the name of this pattern that was made during the 1940's. Many Roseville pieces are marked with a mold number (in this case 165) and size (5 as in 5 inches) which makes identifying these pieces much easier. Earlier Roseville is not always marked at all, or was marked with a paper label that frequently washed off.

Pricing for later Roseville pieces, especially the floral patterns of the 1940's have softened in the last 5 years, but are still popular. Earlier Roseville is still quite strong. Price guides have this piece at $175 and up, but an identical piece on Ebay recently sold for $80 including shipping. In an antique shop, I think it would change hands more in the $125-$150 range depending on color.

One thing to be aware of is the alarming number of fake Roseville pieces out there. They're being imported from China. Every antiques show I go to, someone is there selling the fake pieces. At first, the fakes were fairly easy to spot. The glaze was too thick and the colors seemed all wrong. Now, the fakes are getting better and harder to identify.
Here's an excellent site which shows side by side comparisons of real Roseville and the fakes.

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