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Charles Schulz Signed Letter

Posted Tuesday, August 23 by CAG •

Craig from Glenview sent in this photo of a letter signed by Peanuts cartoonist Charles Schulz. He got it when Mr. Schulz responded to a letter Craig wrote to him in 1965. He wants to know what it's worth.


The body of the letter reads.

"Dear Craig;

Thank you for your letter asking about selling a comic strip. There really is not much more to doing this than presenting samples of your work to a newspaper or magazine. The size of paper you work on should be about two thirds larger than its printed size, because the cartoon is reduced about this amount when it is printed. The amount you are paid for your work is up to the buyer. Only as a cartoonist becomes more well-known can he expect to receive more money for his work.
Kindest regards

(signed in ink)
Charles M Schulz"

Craig, you've got a nice piece of americana there. Some typical signed letters from Charles Schulz have sold in the 250.00 - 300.00 dollar range. Your letter has a little more going for it. I think with the cartoonist advice he's giving, you should be able to get 350.00 -400.00 for your letter. Personally, I'd hold onto it for a few more years. Charles Schulz artwork has been skyrocketing in price and any related items will rise in value as well.

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