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Everybody Polka!

Posted Friday, September 02 by CAG •

We received this email from Colin in Canada

I recently bought this Chemnitz concertina made by F. Lange (in Germany?). It seems to have been beautifully constructed, decorated with abalone and mother of pearl. The second label on the instrument says Th. Kosatka, Chicago. I know very little about it and wonder if any of you Chicago people could help to enlighten me. Thanks


This website has some wonderful information on the history Chemnitzer Concertina.
This site gives you every bit of information you'll ever need about the Chemnitz.
This FAQ specifically addresses the factors affecting value. Another of the FAQ's gives the range of prices as $150-$8,000, with the highest values for new four reed instruments. i

Ebay doesn't seem to be getting very good prices for these beauties. You may want to try a classified listing on

An interesting sidenote, the name engraved on your concertina (Th. Kosatka) may be that of Tomas Kosatka who (with Vaclav Fergl) founded the First Czech Concertina Orchestra in Chicago in 1893.

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