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Vintage Chicago Dance Program

Posted Saturday, September 03 by CAG

Hello, My sister in-law found a dance program and she wonders if it is of value. The front cover says First Annual Dance, Sponsored by Gracor Athletic Club., Saturday, December 8, 1934 At the New Lawndale Hall 2619 S. Lawndale Avenue. Music by Johnny and his Merrymakers. It has ten pages, and is free of tears. It also has several signatures on the back page from "Well Wishers". We tried some searches but came up empty. All the businesses listed in the program are Chicago businesses from that time. Can you help her?


It is much harder to price things without a photo or being able to see it. In general dance programs have minimal value. In the $10 or less range. Exceptions could be if it has interesting photographs, illustrations or other graphics. Who the ads are for, and what they look like could affect the price some. But there would need to be something very exceptional to make it worth more than $10.

I checked Ebay and the only dance programs that sold for more than $10 were one for the famous dancer Isadora Duncan, a dance run by a local baseball club in 1896 ( with a picture of a baseball player) and one for another dancer I had not heard of that had a great photo of her in a striking pose.

If your dance program has great graphics, then Ebay would be the place to sell it.
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