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How to Submit Questions to Chicago Antiques Guide

Posted Thursday, September 08 by CAG

If you have an antique or collectible item that you would like to know more about, email us at There is a link in the left column of every page on our site. We will answer as many as we can and post the most interesting ones on our site.

If possible, include photos of your item including close ups of identifying marks and any damage. When possible, try to put your item against a plain contrasting background so that it stands out. Plain towels and sheets make good backgrounds. Also include dimensions with the photos. The photos do not need to be huge, but try to make them large enough for us to see detail. Check your email regularly, in case we have additional questions.

If you can not send photos, we will still try to help. Give as complete and accurate description as you can. Also check your email regularly, in case we have additional questions.

We will also try to answer any antique related questions you have, even if it is not specifically related to an antique item

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