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Royal Copenhagen Bull

Posted Monday, September 12 by CAG

This bull was a wedding gift in the late 50's. We were told it was an expensive gift. We always thought it was an odd wedding gift. Is it expensive today?
RC Bull.jpg
Your Royal Copenhagen Bull (number 1195) is an impressive 14 1/2" long. It was designed by artist Knud Kyhn (1880-1969), a Danish painter and sculptor who specialized in animals. Your piece was made in 1953. There is a great site for dating Royal Copenhagen .

Pricing retired figurines can be very difficult, especially if there are not a lot of them available. I saw some on the web with asking prices in the $1500 range. I don't believe these will sell very fast, but the price could be used for insurance purposes. One of the more reasonably priced sites for Discontinued Royal Copenhagen Figurines is run by Stan Tillotson in Florida. I suspect that a more realistic price for your bull is in the $1,000 range.

Regarding its suitability as a wedding gift, maybe it was a not so subtle hint about having children.

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