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IE & C Co - Japanese Ceramic Mark

Posted Monday, September 19 by CAG

Louette, from Christchurch, New Zealand, emailed with a question about a mark on Japanese ceramics.

"The mark is a green wreath with IE & C Co. with the I and E or either side of a central small diamond, the C being in the diamond and the Co. below the diamond. Most pieces have "Hand painted" above the wreath and Japan below the wreath. Most are smaller pieces, but the style is very like early Noritake. However, no Noritake site has ever given this mark, and it is not in Joan van Pattens books for early Nippon/Noritake."

Louette adds "I think it is from between 1900 to say, 1940. A number of the pieces I have collected are clearly art nouveau in style or function e.g. hair receivers, hatpin holders."

Well, Louette, I've not had any luck so far with your Mystery Mark. But since you have been trying for 15 years, I don't feel too bad. I tried Almee Neff Alden's book on Early Noritake, and Kovels' New Dictionary of Marks, with no success. I tried a couple of "long shot" books as well.

I'm posting this primarily in the hope that someone who has more information about the mark will see this and forward that information to us.

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We have a potpourri holder about 8 inches in diameter with the Japan I E & CO mark as per the attached photo.  Family history has it as early 1900's.  Would be interested to find more about the maker and age.

Not sure if this is a bowl or an oyster plate. Any help will be appreciated. Same mark on the back as the other items show.

Can some one help i have 5 bowls with little handles on them they are about 15cm wide white with lots of gold flowers and trim on them,thanks.

I have an 8 1/2 inch dinner plate with the identical marking on the back.  On the front their are three geishas sitting in chairs with a very intricate background.  The plate is gold embossed around the edges.  We are curious to the worth of this plate.  

The comment system doesn't tell me which article you were looking at. So I don't know which mark you were looking at. It is always best to ask questions through email, and send a photo with it.

  I have a tea pot from my Great Aunt with this mark on it.  I would like to know more about this mark and how old the tea pot is.

  I have a tea pot from my Great Aunt with this mark on it.  I would like to know more about this mark and how old the tea pot is.

I have a sugar shaker with this mark. Wish I knew what it was ?  Interesting

While my knowledge is limited, there is some literature on IE&C that you may find helpful:

As you'll read, much of their products were exported to Australia and New Zealand.  I imagine that the brothers were nearly monopolizing the American market and they chose not to compete.  Although the porcelain is not considered of the best quality, their workmanship is considered among the best.  It may be because of this, and that they chose not to join the art deco kick, they were no longer able to compete in the porcelain "industrial revolution" and closed doors in about 1925.  So, they produced porcelain between 1885 and 1925.

Happy Hunting!


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