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Paul McCobb Wall Unit or Room Divider

Posted Tuesday, September 20 by CAG

Melanie wrote, "I have a Paul McCobb etagere from the Irwin collection. It has a travertine marble base and matches the end table I saw on your website. The cabinet portion is used as a bar. I would like to know what it's worth."
Lisanne Dickson, of the Modern Design Department at Treadway/Toomey Auctions in Oak Park, IL. liked your piece a lot.

"That's a great McCobb piece. At auction, it would probably bring $2500-3500, maybe more. It's a good size and has both the brass frame and the travertine. I like the drop-front part, too. It's hard to be sure about an estimate, but I think that is both safe and fair. It's hard to know if it has the original feet and knobs -- that matters, but it is hard to put an overall value on those details. Feet, especially. Even if refinished, missing parts, it should still be $2K, in my opinion."

Melanie, you didn't say if you wanted to sell it or insure it for your upcoming move. If you want to insure it, I would use $5,000.

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