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1888 Springfield Round Rod Rifle

Posted Thursday, September 22 by CAG

Mark from Elmhurst sent us in this photo of an old rifle which was handed down to him from his father. He'd like to know how old is the rifle and what might it be worth.


Mark, you have a Model 1888 round rod "trapdoor" rifle, made by the US Springfield Arms Co. These rifles are very collectible but the price depends greatly on the condition. There were quite a few of these made and many are still available on the market in like new condition. Based on your photos and the answers to my questions, I would say your rifle is in "very good" condition. But to bring the big bucks for collectible grade rifles, that's not enough. This would be considered a "good shooter". The high end of the range for a good shooter is about $1,000, with the best collector grade pieces bringing $2,000 or more.

There is a veritable wealth of information about US Springfield rifles on an excellent site called The Trapdoor Collector. In fact there is so much information it is almost overwhelming. Near the bottom of the home page are a large number links organized into charts to help navigate this excellent information resource.

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