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How to Sell 1500 Records and Albums

Posted Sunday, September 25 by CAG

To whom it may concern.
Yes I was hoping you could give me some info, or tell me a web site on old vintage Records, Albums, and sets of Albums with music, and movie sound tracks, From the 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s. I have about 1500 of them. I would like to know if any one at all collects them or not, May be you could put in the right direction. I sure would appreciate any help you can give.
Thank You,

Rick - Like all things old, there are some very good, collectible records, and a lot of average to undesireable records. There are lots of collectors and tons of web sites. Record collectors tend to collect by the type of music, such as blues, jazz, country, rockabilly, doo-op, rock etc. Some collectors specialize in a particular artist such as Elvis, the Beatles, or Jelly Roll Morton.

Desireability, rarity and condition are the main factors. To get an overview of what is collectible and how to grade condition, I would suggest an excellent book on Records titled American Premium Record Guide, 1900-1965 by Les Docks, published by Krause for $27.95. Krause has many other music related price guides; but for your date range, this is the best.
Rec Guide.jpg

To maximize the money from them, you would need to invest a lot of time and effort to reach collectors. To sell them as a group would bring the least money but be the least work. A middle of the road approach would be to categorize them by type of music and split them up into lots. Then contact collectors and dealers for each specialty.
Prices in the book are for records sold individually in a retail setting. Wholesale on records is significantly lower, especially in quantity. I sold 6,000 albums for $400, when I got out of the record business. They were average records from the 60's through 80's. I was under the gun to dump them quickly.

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