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Richter's Health Sausage - King Kole

Posted Thursday, October 06 by CAG

Bill from Bridgeport writes, "This sign is made of wood with a picture of a truck glued to it, mounted on a base. The truck is about 8 inches long. It came from an apartment storage locker on the north side of Chicago. Can you tell me anymore about it?"


Well, Bill, I wasn't able to find out much of anything about the company that made 'Richter's Health Sausage', except that the company's name was Richter's Food Products, right here in Chicago. The term 'health sausage' would seem to be an oxymoron by today's low fat standards. Using the rather plump King Kole as a company icon probably wouldn't fly today either.

The piece itself is probably a counter top display or possibly a desktop display since it is somewhat small. It could have been used on the counter at the butcher shop, or on the desk of a supplier or large customer. The truck would apear to be late 1930's or early 1940's. Advertising pieces are quite collectible and I think this would probably sell between $50 and $75.

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