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Franklin Mint Gold Medal Portfolio of Western Art

Posted Monday, October 24 by CAG

Scott from Naperville sent us in these pictures of a portfolio of western prints from the Franklin Mint. He inherited from his father and he'd like to know what they're worth.




Scott, this is a tough one to put an accurate price on. These large western prints were released by the Franklin Mint in 1973 as a collection of "Gold Medal" winning western art. Each print is signed by the artist. It's a really neat set. In a follow-up email you told me there were ten signed prints in all. That's the good news. Most of the time you find these there's a few prints missing. People usually took one or two out and had them framed. The bad news is that prices are all over the board for the portfolio. You can find booksellers pricing complete sets at anywhere from $1100.00 to $700.00. just because they're priced that high doesn't mean they're actually selling for that price. I checked with a friend of mine who owns a bookstore and he said the last one he had sat in his shop for a couple of years before selling for $500.00. He said that Ebay had softened the market. I checked Ebay and the prices for an incomplete set were selling for around $250.00. I think a realistic price for your complete set would be in the $450 - 500 dollar range.

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Franklin  Mint "Gold Medal Portfolio of Western Art." Ten (10) signed prints in original portfolio and
in original shipping box. Never exposed, framed or mounted. From family private collection. Titles are:
 1.  "Death To Long Knives," by Joe ruiz Grandee.     6.  "Calling On Neighbors," by Gordon Phillips
 2.  "Appointment In Town," by Donald Teague.        7.  "Selling The White Stallion," by Melvin Warren
 3.  "At E'ed Yazhi," (Little Girl), by ray Swanson.       8.  "Texas Longhorn," by Robert Summers
 4.  "Noon Chuck," by James Reyolds.                        9.  "Foggy Morning," by Joe Beeler                    
 5.  "The Raiders," by Frank Mc Carthy.                    10.  "Tribal Hunt," by John Clymer

hi bob-i also got this western photos from my mother--mine is in perfect shape--there was on on ebay that sold for $ 1,200.00 so its worth money--i live in silver springs nv

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