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M&Z Austria China

Posted Monday, November 07 by Brian

Ron J. wrote in and asked, "I have a plate by M&Z Austria that is white with pink roses, though not as many roses as depicted in The Bridal Rose pattern. I am having trouble finding the history of this company and my plates. Can you tell me about them? Thank you."
MZ Bridal Rose.jpg
The photo is of a "Bridal Rose" plate, not yours. China marked M&Z, or just MZ Austria, was made by a company called Altrohlau. They were in business from 1884 to about 1945 when the company was nationalized. They were prolific manufacturers and the quality varies greatly, with most being of average to below average quality. They also sold "blanks" or undecorated pieces to other companies and for the amateur china painting market. Without a photo, I can't tell you much more. Even with a photo I may not be able to add much. Replacements Ltd. has about 500 patterns of china by Altrohlau, and many of the rose type patterns were similar. They also have two similar patterns both named Bridal Rose.

Patterns which are readily idenitfiable and generally available are more collectible. If a pattern has few pieces available on the market, people tend to "give up" on it, keeping the price down. "Bridal Rose" plates are available from Replacements, Ltd. for $32.99, and on Ebay for potentially much less.

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I have a complete set of this Bridal Rose including serving pieces, soup, salad, desert, cups & saucers (missing one cup) - service for 12.  This set has the rose in the middle.  I would like to know what it worth.  I inherited it from my grandmother over 50 years ago and have never used it. I don't know how to add an image but it is just like the plate that is posted here except for the center rose.

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