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Austrian Humidor or Biscuit Jar?

Posted Thursday, November 10 by CAG

Pam and LeRoy emailed photos of this covered jar shaped like a doghouse, with two dogs, one in a bonnet and the other in a straw hat sitting in front. There is even a small dog dish. The roof/lid lifts off. The interior has a high gloss glaze. The lid has a round opening on the inside about 1 3/4" in diameter. The outside is more of a matte finish with the exception of the inside of the dog dish, which is glazed the same as the inside of the jar.
I think this probably is a humidor. I was not able to find your exact piece, but did find this web site with many similar pieces in different shapes. As you can see on this site, humidors were made in many different figural shapes, and are highly collectible, with prices ranging from about $100 to well over a $1,000.

This article was written for the Journal of Antiques by by Joseph Horowitz, M.D., who also has published a book titled Figural Humidors - Mostly Victorian and founded the Society of Tobacco Jar Collector's.

Since I didn't find the exact jar, I can only estimate the value of your humidor at about $600. If it is particularly rare, it could be more.

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