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Birds Eye Maple Bedroom Set - Art Deco Armoire

Posted Tuesday, November 15 by Brian

Art Deco Armoire.jpg Someone suggested I ask you for a value estimate on an antique bedroom set I want to sell.

I have an armoire with a decal on inside door (shown in a pic and reads "B" "S" "1960"). I also have a bedside table with no markings. I also have a sleigh bed with wooden side rails that hold the mattress set in place. The sleigh bed needs a repair to left wooden rail because the "L" that the mattress sits on has no lip now. It is in storage and I can pull out for a photo if needed. The armoire and table were purchased together about 15 years ago; the sleigh bed was bought about 20 yrs ago. The wood grain and finish match beautifully. I'm just looking for rough estimate so I can post to craigslist. The bed is full size. Birds eye maple table.jpgThe armoire has a hanging rod across one side and a small shelf across the other side, with a hanging rod attached beneath it. No other shelves are within the armoire.Thanks...Edith

Well Edith, even though the grain and finish match beautifully, the style of each piece is so different that I would recommend pricing them separately. The armoire is definitely Art Deco in style, from the 1930' or early 40's, and probably English. I did some research and was not able to identify the company on the Armoire. I don't think that matters a lot. There are a number of very similar pieces on Ebay. One sold for $535 and one for $285 (using the Buy It Now feature). It "might" have sold for more if the auction had run its course. It is a little hard to tell about the finish on yours. The ones on Ebay were in excellent condition. Yours should be worth somewhere in the $350-$500 range.

The little table is a totally different style and time period, worth about $75. The bed is probably worth somewhere in the $300 range (give or take) depending on condition and eye appeal. The repair to the bed rail is pretty simple and should not affect the price more than $50. Some carpenter's wood glue and a screw every 12" and it should be good as new.

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