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Ed. Roos Cedar Chest

Posted Tuesday, December 13 by Brian

I'm wondering about the value of 2 Roos Cedar Chests that have been left to me by a friend who recently passed away. One is a traditional style cedar chest in excellent condition, the other is a different style completely. It is an upright chest with false drawer fronts that actually opens on the top. The finish on this one is not as good and may need refinishing. Both chests have the original Roos paper in the lid. Thanks Sue
Roos Cedar Chest1.jpg
The Ed. Roos Co. manufactured quality cedar chests from about 1916 to 1951. Most of those years they were located in Forest Park, IL. They were very successful for a time and made a large quantity of cedar chests. Because of that they are not particularly scarce. They are, however, of very good quality and were manufactured in quite a few styles. The style and condition are the determining factors in value.

The one pictured above is a very unusual style for a cedar chest, and quite deireable. Unfortunately, the condition of the finish is not great. In excellent condition, this chest would sell in the $500-$600 range. As is, in the $300-$350 range.

The one pictured below is in the more common Art Deco "waterfall" style. It is, however, in better condition and would be worth about $200-$250.
Roos Cedar Chest1.jpg

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