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Donald F. Duncan Cedar Dresser Box

Posted Wednesday, December 14 by Brian

I have a small wooden chest that says Donald F. Duncan Wood Novelties Chicago on the bottom. It is in good condition and has a lock and key with it. I was wondering if you could tell me if it has any value, and if so what is it worth? Thank you for your help with this item. Penny
Duncan box.jpg
The box that you are inquiring about is probably from the late 40's or 1950's. It is made of cedar with copper trim. They were sold as novelties and souvenirs. I have a very similar box that I got when I was about 10 years old, on the boardwalk in Wildwood, NJ. I kept all of my "treasures" in it, and in fact I still have it, and all of its contents. I doubt that mine was made by Duncan. I'd check, but it's packed away. In general, boxes like this are fairly common and are worth about $25.

The fact that your box was made by the Donald F. Duncan may or may not enhance the value. Donald F. Duncan is credited with popularizing the Yo-Yo in the United States, after seeing them on a trip to San Francisco in 1928. For the full story visit this site. Duncan Yo-Yo's are quite collectible, but it is unlikely that it would affect the price of your box a lot. A collector of Duncan Yo-Yo's might pay a premium for the box, but probably not more than $35-$40, and a price that high would discourage other buyers.

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