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Limoges Procelain Hinged Boxes

Posted Tuesday, December 20 by Brian

Cindy wrote in asking about the value of a collection of Limoges (and other) porcelain hinged boxes that were recently inherited. The picture shows a few of the 80 boxes in the collection.
Limoges Boxes 400.jpg
The boxes you have are not antique but are still quite collectible. They are still being made today and frequently sell for over a $100 new. However the secondary (used) market has not seen any real appreciation yet. In fact most sell at a discount on Ebay. The boxes you have include some of the better manufacturers, such as Rochard and PV (can look like PY). The boxes are usually marked with the phrase "peint main", which means "hand painted" in French. The boxes you have shown in the picture would likely sell in the $40-$70 range. More elaborate limoges boxes can sell for over a $100.

The boxes made by non-Limoges companies such as Two's Company and Midwest of Cannon Falls are not as well done and sell more in the $10-$30 range with Midwest being the better of the two.

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