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Nellie Littlehale Murphy

Posted Wednesday, January 04 by Brian

Hi, is it possible to get an appraisal of these two vintage watercolors. I think that they are just prints but they are signed. thank you
nellie littlehale murphy.jpg

I believe you are right that the 2 photos you sent are of prints made from original paintings. In the lower right hand corner of your print (just inside the frame), I believe you should be able to see some very small printing over the image. If your pieces (the other piece not shown is also a still life of flowers) were original paintings they would be worth about $1,500 to $2,000 each. But the prints were not limited editions and many thousands were printed. As such, they are only worth about $25-$50 each, if you find someone who wants them. The prints themselves are not in great demand.

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I have the same pictures on canvas like paper. Not sure if it is orginal or not. It is of poppys in a white vase with a beige background. How can I tell if this is real or not. 

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