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Burley and Co., Chicago Importer and Retailer

Posted Thursday, January 05 by Brian

cp-advcd.jpg Hi,

What can you tell me about Burley and Co.?


Burley and Company was founded in 1884 from the former Burley and Tyrell, who had advertised themselves as the largest importers of china and glassware. I found no information about when they went out of business, but the latest reference I found to them in a quick search was 1915-1917.

Burley and Company also had there own artists on staff to do china decorating and monogramming. They ordered from some of the best maufacturers of the day including Minton, Haviland, Copeland-Spode, and probably others. In some cases, they commissioned items exclusively for Burley and Co. You can see 2 previous posts about these commission pieces by searching on Burley in the search box at left.

The brochure for the "Chicago" pitcher has them located at 120 Wabash in Chicago. The trade card shown has them at 83 & 85 State Street in Chicago. An 1892 ad in Harper's magazine had them at 77,79 & 81 State Street.

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I have a piece of Burley and Company, a pedestal white fruit dish with a hunter green design does anyone have any information about this piece?

Reading the subsequent comments, my grandmother own a restaurant at the turn of the century circa 1900 and I think this is a piece from that restaurant, so Burley and Co. might have been a restaurant supplier, because the piece belonged to her.

Yes, Burley did have a Hotel and restauant supply division, in addition to the retail store.

Yes, Burley did have a Hotel and restauant supply division, in addition to the retail store.

I would like to know the value of the two plates that I would like to sell.  They are both Copeland China and are signed by the artist.  I am not able to read all of the artist's name it is Y Worra??.  It may be Worrall or Worratk or Worralk?  Can you help me with this?  I also do not know how old they are.

Did William Wehner (1847-1928) work for Burley & Tyrell/Burley and Company?

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