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Wicker Funeral Flower Baskets

Posted Saturday, January 07 by Brian

Wicker Basket.jpg


I am attaching a photo of a white wicker flower basket that I have. Actually I have two. These two baskets were used at my sister's wedding a few years back and flanked both sides of the alter in the church.

I think these were originally (or could also be used) for funeral bouquets.

I am trying to sell these (my sister purchased them at Kane County Fair 5 years ago). They are in pristine condition and both stand about two feet high. As I said earlier, I would like to sell these but don't know who to contact. I have tried a couple of antique stores, but to no avail. Are there dealers who may be interested in them? Perhaps a floral store?

Any guidance you could provide on how to sell these is very much appreciated. Thank you!



Baskets like these are a tough sell. I think that's why the dealers you have contacted aren't interested. I believe you are right they were probably first used for funeral arrangements, and that association limits their appeal.

I do think a florist may be your best bet, or you can try listing them on Craig's List. Finding someone who wants them is the first part, then keep the price down. If they were mine, I'd take whatever I could get, to make them go away.

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i don't know how long ago you posted this about the pair of wicker baskets. I want them if you still have them. Vintage wedding being planned

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