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Marjorie West Pen & Ink Drawings

Posted Friday, January 13 by Brian

I inherited a set of two ink drawings of babies. The first one says " 'twas a dark and stormy night" ( the babies are crying) - the second one shows happy babies and say " But - the next morning - the sun was shining. Everybody was happy 'n 'everything "
The artist is Marjorie West and is dated 1923.
I can find absolutely zero information on this artist. Any information would be fabulous.

Thank you
Marjorie West Pen & Ink Drawing.jpg
I have not been able to identify any known artist with the name Marjorie West. None of the other West's with first initial M seem to be a fit either. If the artist was well known or even a professional of any kind for any duration, we probably would have found them by now. I believe they were a talented amateur that worked for their own pleasure, rather than for a living.

If they were used commercially, it would probably have been as illustrations, possibly in a smaller circulation magazine or small pressing book.

If anyone has more information about this artist or these pieces, please let us know and we will pass it on to Cindy.

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As per the Marjorie West drawings...I think that they were drawings of Marjorie West by my grandmother, Jessie I West, who was an
artist...Marjorie was my Aunt..I have other drawings for comparison.

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