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Henry Morrison Flagler - Memorial Book

Posted Wednesday, January 18 by Brian


I recently came across this book at a church estate sale. The cover reads "Henry Morrison Flagler In Memoriam". It appears to be a detailed description of his memorial service. It contains words spoken from those who knew him, poems read by the people who knew him, and songs performed at the service. The next section reads "Comments of the Public Press". This section has commentary from all public press that personally commented on the life and death of Henry Morrison Flager. This item measures "7 x 11". The condition if very good for its age. There are 53 numbered pages. I am very curious about this item and I would also like to know if it has any monetary value. Any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

HenryMorrisonFlagler-alt.jpg You are correct that the book was produced as a Memorial just after his death. This was a done more in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Because of the expense, it was done primarily for wealthy, notable people. But because not all wealthy and notable people had them done, I personally suspect that the size of their ego (or family's) had a lot to do with it as well. I have seen them more for carreer politicians than anyone, Senators, Representatives and Presidents.

Flagler was indeed a wealthy business man in the Florida area.

The two main factors affecting value are supply/demand and condition. I found 3 copies of this book available on ABEbooks website, priced from about $50 to $85. While the supply is not very large, I would expect that the demand would also be small. Someone has to want the book first of all. The secong is condition. Of the 3 books on ABEbooks, 2 are in good condition and one in very good. Yours would probably be considered "fair", because of the heavy wear to the edges of the covers and 1/2 of the spine being nearly detached. See this description of Book Grades on the Independent Online Booksellers Association web site.

Your book may well be worth $35 to $50, but you have to find someone who wants it first. Book dealers tend to buy this type of book only as part of a lot, and very cheaply, because they expect it to sit on the shelf a very long time.

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