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Royal Copenhagen Aluminia Faun Figurine

Posted Monday, January 23 by Brian

RC Aluminia Faun.jpg

Hello My name Is Charlotte and I have had this aluminia Faun in my possession for many years, yet the only thing I can find out is that it is possibly from 1912. The Faun is approxamately 3 inches tall and 2 1/2 inches wide. Can you tell me more about it and possibly what it is worth?
Thank you ,

Charlotte, your question is one of the most challenging that I have received to date. Actually, you asked your question back around the end of November 2005. I big portion of the delay was the holidays and other more profitable business ventures. But it has taken a ton of research to answer your question.

First, I had not seen the word faun before. If you click on the word
faun, it will take you to the site for the definition. I mention this because is a great site for all kinds of research.

RC Aluminia Faun Mk.jpg

Aluminia is a faience type of ceramic that was produced from 1903-1969 and marked with variations of the beehive mark on your piece. From 1935-1969 a date code was used and pieces can be dated to a specific year. The aluminia date code chart can be found here.After 1969, the pieces were marked with a Royal Copenhagen mark.
RC Pan Figurine.jpg

I found this Pan Figure on a Danish Web Site called Antik Huset, priced at $334.

The date chart for aluminia, and a veritable wealth of other information on Danish ceramics, can be found on a terrific website operated by Jan Ringsmose. There is so much information that it can be hard to find it all. I found his Alphabetic Link Index the easiest way to navigate the site.

The Antik Huset web site is also very good and has a fine selection of other aluminia figurines.

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