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Pair of IE & C Co Vases

Posted Tuesday, January 24 by Brian

Hi, I recently acquired these vases which originally were owned by my grandparents.They have exactly the same stamp as the article in your September 2005 BLOG ie Hand Painted I E & C CO JAPAN.They are about 12 inches tall and in very good condition apart from a bit of the gilt rubbing off around the base.I live in Australia and was searching the web trying to identify the base stamp when I came across your article......thought you might be interested to know that there are other examples around.....Regards Max
IEC Vases (2).JPG

I wasn't sure if you had a question or were just passing along the information and photos. If you did not notice when you read the previous article, there was one comment posted by another reader, who gave a lengthy discourse on his evaluation of the mark, including reference to another web site. He dates them pre 1921, and his logic is sound. Your vases are quite nice and would sell (at least around here) for about $300 (USD) for the pair. Prices can vary greatly in different parts of the country and world.

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