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Are these by Berkey and Gay?

Posted Wednesday, January 25 by Brian

It has been suggested that these are by Berkey and Gay. Can you help? Kimberly
Berkey Gay Maybe.jpg

I imagine that the suggestion was based on the quality of the pieces you show. Berkey and Gay made very high quality furniture, and these appear to be very good quality, as well. All of the Berkey and Gay that I have seen has been marked, usually with a metal tag, like the one below. The tag can be inside a drawer on the side, or on back of the piece. My recollection is that the tag is about an inch in diameter, give or take a little. Berkey & Gay frequently had designs that were more distinctive than most companies. The styling of these pieces is pretty typical of the 1920's.

I can't say definitively that they are, or are not, Berkey and Gay. But I would be leaning toward saying that they are not, unless you find the tags somewhere. There seems to be a reasonable number of Berkey and Gay Ads for sale on Ebay. You could check back every week or two looking at the pictures, in hopes of spotting them.
Berkey Gay Tag.jpg

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