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George W. Drew Painting

Posted Thursday, January 26 by Brian

I have a painting that has been in my family for decades by the above painter. It is of the cottage on the lake and is on board. The signature is on the lower left. The size inside the frame is 35" wide by 23" high. I know that my Grandmother was given this as a wedding present in the early 1900. I was told he never painted on board and the signature is on the left was not a place normal for him. I have looked at the cottage on the lake and this is close but a bit different. Do you think this is worth having appraised, or because the signature is on the opposite side that it is a copy. Let me know what you think.

George W Drew Painting.jpg
First, let's dispel some of the misinformation you have been given. I checked about 100 auction records for George W. Drew and found about 10% were painted on board or something other than canvas. I also found that his signature appears in the lower left quite regularly.

When evaluating paintings for value, I check auction records for the artist. To be as accurate as possible I try to find paintings of similar subject matter and similar size. Like many artists, Drew had favotite subjects. A cottage on a lake, pond or river is one of his repetitive subjects. That is why the one you looked at is similar but not identical. The compostion of each painting will be unique, even while examining the same subject.

The 100 or so auction records I looked at went back to 1986. I concentrated on the last 7 years and found 7 paintings with similar subject matter which were also close in size. They sold in a range of $950 to $2400. Interestingly, the high and low values were also the oldest, both occuring in 1999, but in different parts of the country. Of the 7, 4 sold between $950 and $1,400 and 3 sold between $2,000 and $2,400. Here are links to 3 of the last 4 that sold.

September 2002 - $2,100 at Treadway Toomey Gallery in Cincinnati
March 2002 - $2,000 at Treadway Toomey Gallery in Cincinnati
January 2000 - $1,000 at Susanin's in Chicago

These are auction prices. If you found a George W. Drew in a gallery for sale it might be priced much higher, possibly 2 or 3 times higher.

I hope this helps.

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