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Weiqi Game Pieces?

Posted Monday, January 30 by Brian

I have come up "empty handed" while trying to find information on these objects. Yes, I bought them at auction,curiosity got the best of me and it still has. They are all (but one) light weight,the brown one is heavy like rock. Cone shaped( all but one),the far right one is triangular. Most have two tiny pin holes in the bottom. I suspect these were used on copper to make impressions. Maybe I'm all wrong and these are pieces to a game. Can you help?
Weiqi stones maybe.jpg
Weiqi stones2 maybe.jpg
My initial thought was that they might be something made by native americans or some other tribal group.

Then I found this site that shows "game pieces" from a Chinese game called Weiqi, known as 'Go' in this country. Scroll down to the second picture. At least the cone shaped pieces seem to be a good match.

They are curious indeed. If anyone else has an idea or knows for sure, feel free to post a comment or contact me.

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