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Dating a Pickard Bowl by the Mark

Posted Tuesday, January 31 by Brian

PickardBowl-mark.jpg I have a Pickard Bowl (8 1/2" diameter, stands 3") signed by Anton Beutlich (pictures attached). As the mark is a brownish color and these old eyes can hardly tell the difference between 7/16" & 13/32", I don't know whether the mark is Mark 1.1. or Mark 5 from the photos on the Pickard China Trademarks on their web site. Can you tell which of these marks the bowl has and date it, from the pictures?

This bowl is in excellent condition, with no chips, cracks, or
restoration and the heavy gold gilding rim is in great condition - no loss of gold. It does have about 4 very small pits in the middle of very small depressions/dents and a couple of other tiny depressions in the bottom of the bowl which all appear to be the result of the manufacturing? Could you give me an estimate of its worth?

Thank you for your time and attention.

---- Susan

Let's start with dating the bowl by the mark. It appears to be Mark 5. If you look closely at Mark 1.1, you will see that the letters are in outline, not solid like Mark 5. Yours appears to be solid in the photo. That would indicate the bowl was done between 1905 and 1910.

As to pricing, I would say about $100-$150. The dating is less
important than the design and execution. The design is more simple than most other grape design pieces I have seen, and the bowl shape is rather plain as well.

Thanks for the link to the Pickard site. I didn't know the marks were available there. The marks are also in the excellent book Collector's Encyclopedia of Pickard China by Alan Reed, but they are easier to see on the screen. The book also includes signatures and short biographies of Pickard artists, beautiful photos of hand painted Pickard pieces and a section on other Chicago china painting studios and artists.

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