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Spode Stafford Blue Leaf Luncheon Plates

Posted Wednesday, February 01 by Brian

I have 12 - 9" dia. plates (see attachment photos). They have marks for both Spode and Burley & Co., plus the number 9688.

What are they worth & where can I sell them?

thanks, Bill
Spode Stafford Blue Leaf.jpg
Your plates are luncheon plates in the Spode STAFFORD BLUE LEAF pattern. Replacements Ltd. has them at $54.95 each. They are a matching service that specializes in replacing missing pieces from sets. They usually only sell a couple of pieces at a time, so they charge a premium price. The overhead to inventory pieces in over a hundred thousand patterns of china, glassware and silver is staggering.

Replacements Ltd. and other matching services buy china for resale. When they need something, they pay a fair wholesale price. But Replacements Ltd. is currently fully stocked on these pieces and are not buying them at this time. You could try other matching services.

You could also try to sell them on Ebay. You may be able to get $20 or more a piece, if you find someone (or better yet two people) who need or want them. Luncheon size plates are not as desirable as dinner size. The lower your starting price, the better chance you have of selling them. Whether or not you get a good price will depend on how many people are looking for them, and how badly they want them. Two bidders with deep pockets might get you up in the $40 a piece range. But a single bidder will get them for the opening price, or your reserve.

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