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Marshall Fields Arts & Crafts Box

Posted Thursday, February 02 by Brian

I received this box 15 years ago from a 91year old gentleman and just found it. He has since passed away, so I can't ask him the history behind this but I noticed that it does have a Marshall Fields stamp on the inside top lid. Just curious the age and value of this piece.

Thank you. Diane.

Marshall Fields Box.jpg

Marshall Fields Tag.jpg

Your box probably dates from around 1920. The metal tag inside reads, "Made in/ Our Craft Shop / Marshall Fields --". I can't quite make out the last two letters after Marshall Fields. The Fields department store was trying to capitalize on the popularity of the Arts and Crafts movement, which embraced hand crafted workmanship. I found several metalwork pieces in arts and crafts auctions that were attributed to Marshall Fields.

A true arts and crafts piece would have been handmade, probably hand hammered from brass, copper or silver. This piece appears to be cast and likely plated, rather that solid. Since Federated Department Stores has decided to replace the Marshall Fields name with Macy's (later this year), Marshall Fields collectibles will probably appreciate slightly in value. I would put the value of this piece in the $75 range.

It is really a shame that Federated has decided to disregard the 150+ year legacy of Marshall Fields, and the feelings of loyal Chicago shoppers. I hope they will at least consider maintaining the Marshall Fields name at the flagship store on State Street.

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