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Mills Castle Front Nickel Slot Machine

Posted Tuesday, February 07 by Brian

Mills Nickel Castle Front Slot Machine.jpg Hi,

I have a slot machine that I am thinking about selling. It is a Mills castle front machine (from the 1930s) that takes nickels--and it works. I am sending some pictures--you will notice the wood panel it sits on is cracked in the back behind the pull side, and the key lock has been taken out because the key broke off in the lock. Other than that, it is in pretty good condition. Please let me know its approximate value and where I should look to sell it.

Thank you,


What a classic Mills slot machine you have. Introduced in the early 1930's, this machine was one of the most widely produced machines of its time. It is not especially rare, but still quite desirable. The damage that you mentioned to the wood base and the lock problem, certainly will not help. But, I think the impact on the price is minimal. Two very similar machines sold recently on Ebay. One with the same black front as your, but in mint condition (as described), sold for $1,575. A blue front model that was not in working condition, sold for $1,337. Prior to that, 4 others have sold in the last 3 months in the $1,100 to $1,500 range. Even an empty cabinet with really bad paint sold for $510.

I think if you put it on Ebay you would probably get in the neighborhood of $1,100, give or take a little. That is probably the best way to get the most money, especially if you list it yourself, and don't have to pay someone to list it for you.

Dealers are also actively seeking these machines, but would probably pay less, because they intend to resell the machine. Web sites like Craigs List might also be an option for you. Good Luck.

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