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Wicker Set

Posted Thursday, February 09 by Brian

Wicker Vanity.jpg We have a set of wicker furniture that consists of:
Matching Sofa, Rocker & Arm Chair, Oblong Table
Vanity or Desk with Bench, and Round Table

The set is in very good condition, but it has been painted white. We have friends that are interested in all but the round table. How should I price it? Thanks, Bill
Wicker Chair.jpg

I should start by saying that you did send photos of all the pieces, even though I'm only showing two of them. The sofa has three seat cushions and the rocker has a cushion as well. The cushions do match on all three pieces. I've seen the vanity used with a chair as a desk. But, I think with the bench it was likely used as a vanity by whoever bought it initially. The oblong table is sort of like a sofa table and is quite nice.

I think in our shop I would put about $600 on the set and expect it to sell for about $500. A dealer would probably pay about half of that or $250ish. The round lamp table would probably sell for about $50.

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