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Art Deco Tire Mounted Automobile Mirror

Posted Saturday, February 11 by Brian

mirror1 200.jpg Hello:

Perhaps you might help ID this tire-mount
auto mirror. Please don't say Warshawsky
Art Deco.....
Approximately 8" tall, plated base metal.
Back is marked E.A .Laboratories, Brooklyn
PAT 81-345

Thank you


The patent number 1796093 was granted on March 10, 1931 to Irving Florman New York, NY. The patent was just for the mechanism to attach it to the tire and for adjustments. The image in the patent application does not show the figure, only a plain mirror.

The company who made your mirror (E.A .Laboratories, Brooklyn
NY) made parts for several auto companies and aircraft companies. I suspect it was sold as an after market accessory (yes, like Warshawsky). The 2 car companies that came up on Google when I searched were the Hudson and the Durant.

A plain strap on mirror for a 1930 Packard sold for $51 recently on Ebay. A plain 1928-31 Ford mirror had bo bidders at $37.50. They also had a similar figure (of a man with a helmet and parachute) but with out the mirror and attachment device listed for $100 but no takers. It is relisted just search on "tire mount mirror".

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Is this mirror avaliable for sale?

Assuming you are talking about the Deco automobile mirror, I doubt it, but that question was submitted several years ago.

I have a mirror similar to this one with Best Die Cast NY on the underside with no lines on the back of the mirror.  I was told it was after market.  Mine is for sale.

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