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Burley & Co. / Krautheim China

Posted Sunday, February 12 by Brian

Krautheim Mark.jpg I am so pleased to find some one to help me with this. I have been researching different sets of china that I have and have not been able to find anything on this particular set. My Mother-In-Law gave me this china many years ago and I can't seem to find any history for it. I scanned the plate and the back for you to look at. When was it made? Where was it made? What is it worth? I have 24 dinner plates, 32 salad plates, 11 bread and butter plates, 24 saucers, 8 cups with single handle and 12 cups with two handles. What are the double handle cups used for? Thanks in advance for all your help. Patty

As we have discussed in earlier posts, Burley & Co was a retailer in Chicago and did not manufacture china. Your set was made in Selb (city) in Upper Franconia (Administrative District) in the state of Bavaria which is in Southern Germany. I found 4 marks for Krautheim none of which matched yours exactly. The company was founded in 1884 as Krautheim and Adelberg and was eventually bought out by Franconia China in about 1945. My best guess is that your china was made between 1890 and 1910.

I looked through almost 450 photos of Krautheim/Franconia china on Replacements, Ltd.'s web site and did not find your pattern. Since they are the largest china matching service in the world, it is safe to say that it is an unidentified pattern, if they don't have it.

Patterns that are that difficult to match are also difficult to price when a set is incomplete. You didn't mention serving pieces. The two handled cups you asked about are called bouillon cups (when they are the same size as the tea cups), and are for clear soups. Larger more shallow two handled cups are for cream soups.
Krautheim Plate.jpg

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You might want to try Burley & CO (Theodore Haviland Limoges France FOR Burley and co)

Duh!!!! now I see the Burley & co. I feel so stupid. maybe the limoge france might help

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