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Aladdin Alacite Lincoln Drape Lamp

Posted Wednesday, February 22 by Brian

Aladdin Lincoln Drape.jpg
I have a pair of these lamps that say Nu-Type Model B Alladin on the knob that turns. They belonged to my grandmother. She had the pair on the buffet for as long as I can remember. What can you tell me about them? Age, value etc. Georgia

Even though you read it off the wick riser knob, you made the very common mistake of having 2 "L's" and 1 "D" instead of the other way around. I do it myself occassionally. It just looks better. I left it in your question, so that people who spell it wrong when they search, will still get here.

Aladdin kerosene mantle lamps are very collectible. The collectibility comes from a combination of the many beautiful designs they come in, and the practicality of their usefullness. When we lose power, I can still read by an Aladdin lamp, but not by obe of those cheap flat wick oil lamps most people have. It is said that a properly maintained and adjusted Aladdin lamp is equivalent to a 60 watt bulb.

The pattern of your lamps is called "Tall Lincoln Drape", because they also made a short version. The tall version was originally made from 1940-1949. It came in four colors, Alacite (like yours), Ruby Crystal, Cobalt Crystal and Clear Crystal. Alacite, Aladdin's name for their pinkish colored milk glass, is the most common, followed by Ruby Cobalt and Clear being the most rare.
Scalloped Foot Lincoln Drape.jpg
Pricing for Aladdin lamps is complex and is broken down into the components: the base, burner assembly, mantle, chimney and shade. The lamps did not come with shades, but parchment or glass shades could be added. Most patterns also came in several colors, and there are in some cases variations.

There is one other variation to this pattern that affects value. The circle in the mold on top of the foot can be plain or scalloped. The plain foot, like yours is more common. The definitive book on Aladdin Lamps, Aladdin The Magic Name in Lamps by J. W. Courter also gives a different price for Pre and Post War Alacite lamps in this pattern. However the only way to tell is the color of the glass under a black light, yellow/green for pre-war and blue/purple for post-war. If you can't see it with the naked eye, I don't think it should matter, but it does.

Most plain foot Aladdin Alacite Plain Foot Tall Lincoln Drape lamps sell on Ebay between $100 and $150, depending on condition and completeness, with seldom a mention of pre or post-war. One with the scalloped foot sold recently for just over $400 for the base alone, no burner assembly, chimney or shade.

There is a very active collector's club called the Aladdin Knights. A link can be found on our Resources page under Collector Clubs.

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