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Berkey & Gay Bedroom Set

Posted Friday, February 24 by Brian

B and G BR.jpghi thanks for taking the time to read this. I have acquired a Berkey & Gay bedroom set it was my aunts. I would like to know how old it is and is it worth anything. Tags are on every piece except the night stand . It is mahogany the dresser with a mirror, vanity has the one long mirror and 2 side mirrors, No stool, One twin bed, The night stand is 14 by 14 on top with the same kind of relief as the dresser. well thanks again for your time. Annie

First, I'm not sure that the nightstand (not shown) was part of the original set by Berkey & Gay. It is not tagged and the design doesn't seem to be quite right. In your first email you said, "The night stand is 14 by 14 on top with the same kind of relief as the dresser." I'm not sure what you meant by the "same kind of relief", unless you meant the shape of the edge. This is a fairly common design that could have been made by anyone. It is possible that your aunt just just the piece with the set.

The design of this set is consistant with the style in general use around 1920, give or take 10 years. Furniture styles were in use for longer periods of time then, than they are now.

The set having: One twin bed, Ladies dresser & mirror, Vanity, Nightstand (maybe), means this was a set owned by a young girl or single woman, as it has no man's chest of drawers and only room for one.

That will hold the value down somewhat, because of the limited usage options. The condition looks good but not great. The quality is certainly very good. The set would probably sell in the neighborhood of a $1,000, give or take a little.

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