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Art Deco Boudoir or Vanity Lamps - Bullet Lamps

Posted Monday, February 27 by Brian

I am hoping that you can help me identify this pair of lamps. They were given to me by my mother.
She was given these lamps when she was very little, around 1945. We originally thought they were from the 1940s but after extensive research I am thinking they may be from the 20s or 30s.
At first my interest in researching their history was just a mild interest. I have had the lamps in my possession for about 10 years. But it is starting to turn into an obsession - it seems strange to me that I can't find anything even similar to this.

There is not a single marking anywhere on the lamps. I have re-wired them so that I can actually use them so I have been inside and out and strangely enough there is not even a single letter or number anywhere. Can you help?

Thank You,

art deco boudoir lamps.jpg
Your lamps were originally made to be used in the bedroom and are called generically boudoir lamps. They could have been used on a dresser or vanity. I have also seen them on dining room buffets. The style is typical of the late 1920's and 1930's, inspired by the art deco movement.

On Ebay I searched on Art Deco Boudoir Lamp and also Art Deco Vanity Lamp. Between the current auctions and the auctions that have ended in the last 2 weeks, I found about a dozen similar lamps or pairs of lamps. I also found the exact same pair of lamps. You can search on the item number (6253325269) for about the next 3 months. Then the listing wil be gone. The photos could go away sooner. The only difference I see, is their lamps did not have the finials. Although typical of the 1930's the lamps may have been available into the 40's. The pair sold on Ebay for $107.50.

I think you have been "chasing the wild goose" trying to find out who made them. There were many companies, large and small making lamps, many likely went out of business during the depression. Unless you get lucky, or someone who happens to know writes in, you may never find out. More importantly, who made them is unlikely to affect their value. They are usually identified from old trade catalogues.

I think your lamps with their finials would probably sell for more like $150 for the pair. But they certainly have more sentimental value than that. Similar lamps, sometimes called bullet lamps because of their shape, were also made in clear, blue, pink, green and possibly other colors.

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