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US Navy Mark 1 (MK1) Sheath Knife

Posted Sunday, March 19 by Brian

Navy MK1 Knife.jpg I found this knife helping a friend clean out thier parents house. She said I could have it for helping. She knew nothing about it. Do you know how old it is, and what it is worth? Thanks

Most knives like this are advertised as WWII vintage pieces. I don't know for a fact, but suspect, that they were made for some time before and after the war. Models like yours with the leather grip were made for the Navy by several different companies including Robeson (like yours), PAL, Camillus and others. They were all made to the same military specifications (milspec) supplied by the Navy to each supplier.

This knife and sheath together would likely sell in the area of $125, primarily because of the excellent condition. Knives whose blades have been sharpened or where the blueing on the blade is quite warn, bring significantly less, in the $50-$75 range.

Don't confuse this with a similarly marked (USN MK1) bayonet. Your knife is about 10 inches long. The bayonet with the same markings is about 17 inches long and can bring 2 to 4 times as much money.

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i got one but its in bad condition

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