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Cambridge Nude Ivy Ball - Crown Tuscan

Posted Monday, March 20 by Brian

Cambridge Nude Ivy Ball.jpg I'm curious what this piece was used for and what it might be worth. I love the color, but I'm not sure if it is glass or china. I got it about 10 years ago at a garage sale for $5. When my husband found out that I was asking about my naughty lady, he asked me to send a photo of his beer stein. Thanks, Sue and Matthew

I'll do the beer stein in a day or two. Your piece is called and ivy ball. Some varieties of ivy will grow in water with no soil. As the ivy and roots grew, the small hole at the top would prevent the root ball from being pulled out of the vase by the weight of the ivy.

I doubt that yours was ever used for anything other than decoration. The Cambridge glass Company made a large line of glassware with nude stems. The line was called "Statuesque" or by its product line number 3011. Most people now just call them Cambridge Nudes or Nude stems. The color you like so well is called Crown Tuscan by Cambridge. There are occasional variations in the color but it is generally a pinkish type of translucent milk glass.

The Statuesque line was made in a number of different colors and color combinations. I've not seen a complete price list for all of the colors and piece types. Some colors like Carmen (red) and Royal Blue are more desireable and there for more expensive than other colors like Amber and Amethyst that are a little less expensive.

I could not find a price reference for your ivy ball in the Crown Tuscan color, but I think it would go somewhere in the neighborhood of $200.

Cambridge glass is very collectible and there is a very active collectors group called the National Cambridge Collectors, Inc.

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