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Mettlach Beer Stein

Posted Wednesday, March 22 by Brian

Mettlach Stein.jpg
My husband's beer stein is marked "Villeroy" plus something that is slightly smeared, and another word that starts "Mett", but I can't read the rest. There is also a number "2086" etched into the bottom over the other mark. It has a scene of couples dancing, a man playing a musical intrument and people seated around a table. At the top near the handle it is marked "1/2L". Thanks Sue and Matthew

Matthew's beer stein was made by the Villeroy & Boch company of Mettlach Germany. Even though it seems backwards, collectors refer to these as Mettlach steins. Mettlach's are some of the most collectible of beer steins. This one, however, is one of the less collectible Mettlachs. The "1/2L" refers to the size, in this case 1/2 liter. It sometimes appears as ".5L" as well. This stein was definitely made in a 1/4 liter size and possibly a full liter.

The four digit impressed number 2086 identifies your stein. One of this design, in this size, and in these colors, usually sells between $150 and $200. An identical stein but with a chocolate brown background instead of blue sold at auction for $350.

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