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Wavecrest Dresser Box

Posted Sunday, April 02 by Brian

Wavecrest.jpgI inherited this dresser box from my grandmother, when she passed away about 20 years ago. It has no markings on it at all. But it is so pretty I assume it has some value, but don't really know for sure. It is about 5 1/2 inches in diameter. Anything you can tell me about it will be appreciated. Thanks Martha

Your dresser box was made by the C. F. Monroe Company of Meriden, Connecticut, probably in the 1890-1910 time period. It was one of many types of pieces in their Wavecrest line, that included a variety of items for the dresser, as well as salt & pepper shakers, creamers, lamps and other decorative articles. For a great history of the Monroe Company (and selection of Wavecrest) visit Bargain John's Antiques Web Site. Wavecrest is opaline glass decorated by hand in enamel. Most designs are floral. Monroe also produced other types of glass including lines called Kelva and Nakara that are much more difficult to find than Wavecrest.

Even though your piece and many other pieces are not signed, it is very distinctive, specially the swirled design in your box. It is called Helmschmied Swirl after one of Monroe's best known designers Carl V. Helmschmied. Value is based on rarity of shape and design. Your box is one of the more common shapes and the design, although very pleasing, is rather simple. Value would be in the $450-$500 on the strength of its size.

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