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1893 World's Fair Corkscrew

Posted Wednesday, May 03 by Brian

Hi, I have a small cork screw in its own sheath (length about 2 3/4'')... the sheath reads

worlds fair 1893
Hail Columbia
Clough & Maconnel, new york
also has a pat#

Just curious to its possible value.
Thank you! Lloyd & Christie

1893 corkscrew.jpg

Your corkscrew is one of countless little souvenirs available at the Columbian Exposition held in Chicago in 1893. Because it doesn't have any special graphics related to the Fair, such as a picture of one of the buildings or a portrait of Columbus, its value is limited. It also does not advertise a famous product (like Coca Cola) and isn't made of any special materials. All of these things would have helped the price a bit.

As it is, it is still worth about $20-$25.

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