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GEW 1888 Commission Rifle

Posted Friday, May 05 by Brian

GEW 1888 commission rifle.jpg I have a GEW 1888 commission rifle made in Germany in 1888-1898. Can you tell me anything about it. It has many ,many marks ,but I have been told they are all proof marks. It is serial# 2174 & all parts have this same # . Good condition, fires accurately, no rust or pitting. Value??I will send only 3 pictures but I have more. Thank you. Frank

I'm not really much of a gun person, but I did find several web sites that seem to have pretty good information about the GEW 1888 commission rifle, which is also refered to by M88 Mauser, Gewehr 88, Gew 88, and Kar88. The site that I thought was the most helpful overall was Texas Trading Post. If you didn't click the link on that page for Adams History of the M88 Rifle, you should have.

Briefly, the rifle was developed in response to a new design French rifle. It encountered some problems almost immediately and went through a series of 5 modifications during its roughly 10 year production run. In addition, a number of them were further modified for use by the Turkish Army in the 1930's. There is a wealth of information on the pages referenced above, that you should read there, rather than have me paraphrase it here.

I found several being offered for sale in the $90-$300 range, which is basically in line with the information on the Texas Trading Post site, that estimates the value of rifles in nice original condition to be in the $100-$275 range.

In addition to all of the other information, please be sure to read the Important Safety Notice in Adams History of the M88 Rifle, before firing one of these.

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