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Kelva Vase

Posted Sunday, May 14 by Brian

Kelva Vase.jpg I inherited this Kelva footed vase from my great grandmother. Its approximately 13 ½ inches height and 6 inches in diameter. No flaws. Just curious as to what it could be worth. Nancy

Kelva was another of the glass lines made by C. F. Monroe in the early 1900's. Monroe also made Wave Crest, Nakara and some cut glass.

The size of your vase is very impressive and contributes to its value. Smaller pieces usually bring much less. Most price guides would put this in the $1,200 to $1,500 range or higher. The market for Kelva is not a large one, and sales have been a little sluggish in recent years. So, selling it in that range would not necessarily be easy, but you would be hard pressed to replace it for less, unless you were very lucky.

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