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Painting by Harriet Estella Grose

Posted Sunday, June 04 by Brian

Harriet Estella Grose Painting.jpgI am wondering if you could help me identify this painting. It was given to me by my Aunt who died a few years ago at the age of 95.
She told me her Aunt who was 15 years older than her gave it to her.
Her Aunt ran the Ivy Lee Hotel and Tea Room in Daytona Beach or Miami, Fl. and Harriett lived there from time to time and gave this painting to her. It measures appx. 22 x 32 in original frame. See picture of signature and details. Thank you for any help you can give me. Thanks, JoAnn

Harriet Estella Grose was born in 1863 and died in 1914 in New York. She had been active in New York in the mid 1880's but lived in Washinton DC from 1900 to 1913. I was unable to determine where she was living in 1891 when your painting was done, although the palm tree in the painting certainly could indicate a Florida location. She was a student at the Corcoran School of Art, and she is mentioned in a 1990 book by Paul Sternberg, titled "Art by American Women". I don't know if there is just a mention, or if there is more information available.

There are several online services that track art sales at auction. They all charge a subscription fee. I only subscribe to one of them, which only has one auction sale for her work in the last 18 years. That painting sold for $4,250 here in Chicago in 2000. I would caution you that with only a single price reference, it is almost impossible to infer much about the value of your piece. The size was slightly larger than yours. The title of the piece sold gives no clue to the subject matter, and there is no mention of condition in the auction sales results.

If there were 20 or 50 results, then we could look for paintings of comparable size and subject matter. We could also look for trends and averages in the overall prices. There are 2 other auction prices available at One is called the Cat and the Canary and the other The Magic Trick (with a young girl), both are much smaller at 16 x 20 inches. You could purchase 24 hour access for $11.95, but I'm not sure that it would be much help in this case.

I also only found two other images online. One on (The Magic Trick) and one in the collection of the University of Michigan called Watching Baby. Her work does appear to be quite well done. Your painting does seem to have some condition problems. There appears to be some small paint losses, which can be professionally restored. I can't tell from the photos if there are other problems.

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