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Meriden Silverplate Baby Cup

Posted Monday, June 05 by Brian

Meriden Baby Cup.jpgHi,
I found your site on the internet and thought you could give me an idea about what this cup is worth. I found it and was thinking about running it on ebay but don't want to get totally ripped off due to my lack of knowledge. It is a very sweet. I sent photos. Just in case you cannot read them clearly, on the bottom it says made and guaranteed by Meriden B. Company with a scale in the middle. The carving on the bottom says "From Uncle Ted Xmas 1911". The engravings around the whole cup are very detailed. I think it might have been a childs cup. I has the name of the child, Dernice Winniefred Caspers, written around the cup with trees, a picket fence, horse and carriage, windmills and people. Around the bottom are several different barnyard animals including roosters, hens, chicks, ducks, geese, pigs and turkeys. Some are swimming and other are eating. It is very tarnished. I did clean the bottom so I could read it. It doesn't say sterling, however, it looks sterling to me. It is in very good condition and the engravings are not worn. Please let me know what you think. Thanky very much

It is definitely NOT sterling. It is silverplated white metal. For detailed information about the Meriden Britannia Co. and white metal, scroll down and read or reread the entry entitled Meriden Britannia Co. Goblet. If it is off the page you can search on Meriden Goblet in the left hand column. If you only polished the bottom as you said, the fact that the decorative outside of the cup only shows tarnish in the recesses indicates that most of the silver plating has been polished off over the years. This is very common on pieces like this. Originally the entire piece was plated with silver. When it tarnished, the whole piece turned black. The reason yours is only partly tarnished is that the silver only remains in the recesses where it was somewhat protected from harsh polishing.

As to value, pieces like this rarely bring more than $10 to $20, especially when most of the silver plate is worn off.

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